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4 Days from Tangier to Marrakech Morocco Desert


Are you prepared for an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure? If you want an extraordinary and eerie journey, go no farther than the 4 Days from Tangier to Marrakech Morocco Desert. This tour will take you through breathtaking landscapes, authentic Berber towns, and significant kasbahs, making it an essential visit for anybody seeking an authentic experience of Morocco.

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4 Days from Tangier to Marrakech Morocco Desert Itinerary:

Day 1: Tangier – Chefchaouen – Fes:

Commencing our first day together, we will embark on the journey to and from your lodging in Tangier. Afterward, we go immediately to Chefchaouen, which is sometimes referred to as “the blue city” or “the pearl of the north.”We are certain that you will be amazed by the luxurious magnificence of its limited boulevards adorned with lush vegetation and vibrant scarlet flowers. 

In addition, we will gradually walk beside the enchanting river of this mesmerizing town and indulge in mint tea at the splendid Plaza Uta el Hamam. Following our meal, we will go to Fes in order to rest and get ready for the expedition to the Desert.

Day 2: Fes > Ifrane > Midelt > Erfoud > overnight camel trek Merzouga:

We will depart today after breakfast and travel through the Middle Atlas Mountains, which are renowned for their undulating slopes and aromatic cedar forests and are home to the Barbary macaques. When passing through Ifrane, the town’s architecture and layout may surprise you, as they exude an Alpine ambiance. 

The French developed this charming village in the 1930s, and it is affectionately referred to as “The Switzerland of Morocco.” By midday, we will reach the high plains that divide the Middle and High Atlas mountain ranges. Here, we will take a break to admire the scenery and enjoy a relaxing lunch. A four-day journey from Tangier to Marrakech and the Sahara.Afternoon: Commence the four-day journey from Tangier to the Ziz Valley

A verdant ribbon of vegetation that winds through a rugged environment of craggy summits and arid slopes, nourished by the waters of the river of the same name, will be revealed. The region guarantees not only its captivating landscapes but also the opportunity to observe conventional rural life in action. It is characterized by the presence of small villages, vast expanses of verdant date palm trees, and dilapidated kasbahs. 

A four-day journey from Tangier to Marrakech and the Sahara.We will continue from Erfoud, which is situated on the outskirts of the Sahara, and travel further into the desert sands to our Merzouga Luxury Camp, which is situated amidst the vast dunes of the Sahara. Embark on a camel excursion across the sand dunes, and subsequently unwind with a cup of Moroccan mint tea as you observe the sun set over the desert. 

Subsequently, we will relish an exceptional Moroccan meal prepared beneath a celestial sky. Before retiring to your individual shelter, gather around the campfire for a convivial conversation and Berber music.

Day 3: Merzouga > Berber Vilages > Exploring Todra Gorges > Dades Valley:

We will rise early and climb the sand dunes to observe the dawn rise over the desert. Our knowledgeable chauffeurs are familiar with the gradients and undulations of the nearby dunes and will guide us to a fantastic vantage point to observe the sunrise, despite the fact that the sands are constantly shifting. 

After witnessing the sun’s initial golden beams contact the tawny desert dunes, we will return to our camp for a satisfying breakfast.Subsequently, we will depart the desert and commence our journey toward Rissani, a 17th-century palace that achieved prominence prior to the Alawite dynasty’s acquisition of power. 

The intriguing narrative of the discredited Alawi family members who were banished to the nearby Abbar Palace ruins is available for your listening. to reside in this location and nearly forsake it, much like the city.A four-day journey from Tangier to Marrakech and the Sahara.This segment of our journey is one of the most unforgettable drives you will ever experience, despite its brief duration and distance. 

We traverse the magnificent Todra Gorge and are awestruck by the colossal canyon walls that rise over 500 feet on either side. After taking a pause for lunch at a delightful café at the base of the canyons, we will travel to the Dades River Valley, where trees and villages are situated amidst arid hills and desolate rock formations. A four-day journey from Tangier to Marrakech and the Sahara. 

We recommence our voyage from Tangier along the legendary 1,000 Kasbah Road. This journey follows the route of the ancient migrations, traversing magnificent gorges and valleys, fortified villages, fortresses situated on hills, and even 19th-century apartment buildings that were constructed with the distinctive kasbah walls. 

Tonight, we will indulge in an à la carte dinner and a tranquil night at the delightful Riad hotel, a Riad-style establishment situated on the outskirts of the desert.

Day 4: Dades Valley > Ouarzazate > Ait-Ben Haddou > Marrakech:

From Ouarzazate to Tinghir, the Dades Valley, which is frequently referred to as the Road of 1000 Kasbahs, spans a distance of 160 kilometers. We will visit Kalaa Mgouna, which is referred to as “the rose city,” for its annual rose festival. 

Next, proceed to Skoura and the valley of the feathered creature, where the primary attractions are the mud-brick Kasbahs, particularly the Kasbah Ameridil, which is exceptionally well-preserved within the vicinity. The voyage proceeds to Ouarzazate, which has been termed “the Hollywood of Africa” due to its stunning landscapes and diverse topography, which have attracted a number of renowned filmmakers. 

A 4-day journey from Tangier to Marrakech and the Sahara. The Hollywood setting of Kasbah Taourirt (Sheltering Sky, Gladiator, and Prince of Persia) will be available for your viewing. Subsequently, we will descend from the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, which is under the protection of the UNESCO. 

This Kasbah is considered one of the finest in the region. The Kasbah provides breathtaking vistas of the palm trees in the vicinity prior to traversing the Tizi N’Tichka pass to Marrakech. We will halt in Telouet to visit the seventeenth-century Kasbah. 

We will continue to observe the Tizi N’Tichka Street, particularly its breathtaking view of Berber communities, until we arrive in Marrakech. Our tour of the Red City Desert Visit will conclude with your transfer to your hotel or another location of your choosing. the conclusion of your 4-day journey from Tangier to Marrakech via the Sahara desert.

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Important! This is a planned tour itinerary; if it does not meet your needs, please contact us. Based on your preferences and the length of your stay, we will develop a bespoke schedule. We provide bespoke Morocco excursions. As more individuals join the tour, the cost decreases. If the payment is fixed, transportation expenses will be proportional to the number of passengers. The standard of lodging affects its price. Please contact us for a quote.

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    Morocco is a country of astonishing deserts, where you can discover many natural wonders that will captivate you. From ancient cities and oases to wild animals and dunes, there is so much to explore and enjoy in these vast landscapes. Morocco is also a country of rich diversity, where you can experience the vibrant culture, history, and traditions of its people. Whether you want to visit the imperial cities, the coastal towns, or the mountain villages, you will find something to suit your taste and interest.‘Morocco Unlimited Dreams’ is a travel agency that specializes in organizing private tours, desert trips, and cultural excursions in Morocco. We offer tours from Marrakech, Fes, and Casablanca, as well as customized itineraries according to your preferences and budget.We provide you with all the necessary services and facilities to make your holiday and travel in Morocco unforgettable. Contact us today and let us plan your dream trip to Morocco.

    FAQ about Marrakech desert tour

    Arabic serves as the designated language of communication; however, a prevalent Moroccan dialect known as Darjia is often used. French is prevalent as a result of historical connections, whereas certain regions may also have some Spanish presence.

    Overall, Morocco is considered to be a secure and politically stable country. Tourists should exercise caution over petty thievery, fraudulent schemes, and unwelcome advances, since they are the prevailing criminal activities.

    It is recommended to dress in a conservative manner, particularly for ladies. It is mandatory to wear clothing that covers the wrists and ankles while visiting mosques.

    The Moroccan Dirham (MAD) serves as the official currency of Morocco. It is advisable to have cash for smaller markets and taxis, since they could not take credit cards.

    Spring, which occurs from March to May, and autumn, which occurs from September to November, are optimal seasons characterized by agreeable weather conditions.

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