Marrakech – Djemaa El Fna

There is nowhere in Morocco like the Djemaa El Fna – no place that so easily involves you and allows you to stay coming back for more. By day, most of the place is just a large open space, where a handful of snakes charming bewitched their cobras with flutes, medical men (especially in the north-east of the square) display cures and Panaceous, and tooth-pullers, wielding fearsome claws, offering to wrest pain from the heads of people suffering from toothache, trays of extracts attesting molars their skills.

It ‘s only in the afternoon that the square really happens. At dusk people go out for a walk early evening (especially in the street Bab Agnaou), and the place fills up little by little until it becomes a carnival all of storytellers, Acrobats, musicians and artists. Go down and you will soon be immersed in the ritual: wandering around, crouching in the midst of spectator circles, giving a dirham or two as your contribution. If you want a break, you can walk to the rooftop terraces, for a view of the square, its storytellers and musicians, and the crowds that come to see them.

Sometimes a storyteller or musician can take you to participate or contribute generously to the end of show collection and, entering the show, it is best to go bare of the usual tourist outlines such as watches, Belts of money or too much money.

Tourist attractions include hoop bottle games, fortune tellers sitting under umbrellas with packs of divinatory cards at the ready and women with piping bags full of henna paste, ready to paint hands, feet or arms With “tattoos” that will last up to three months, beware of “synthetic black henna”, which contains a toxic chemical; That the red henna is natural (the Henné Café guarantees to use only the natural henna).

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